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I scanned in all the Front Page news paper clippings.
April 1995

Web posted November 11, 2005

Naked boat owner fends off intruder
Defendant says he broke into vessel in middle of the night to make friends with the man


Michael Penn / Juneau Empire
  Russell "Josh" Peterson tells the story of how he held an intruder at gunpoint on his boat, the Seal, early Thursday morning in Aurora Harbor. Clay Homan Calabrese was arraigned in court on Thursday for the burglary.
A 41-year-old Juneau man said he was scared while standing naked on his boat using a shotgun to hold off a black-hooded intruder early Thursday, but not as much as later in the day when he heard the man "just wanted to be friends."

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Russell "Josh" Peterson called Juneau police at 1:58 a.m., before he put his pants on, he said. Officers arrested 27-year-old Clay Homan Calabrese on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and lodged him at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

Peterson said he was sleeping naked on his 65-foot boat, the Seal, in Aurora Harbor, when the door opened and knocked over the keyboard resting atop the computer in his bedroom.

He jumped up and grabbed the short-barreled shotgun hanging near his bed to ward off the intruder, he said. He led the intruder off the boat and held him for police.

Wearing a jail uniform while appearing in Juneau District Court on the trespassing charge less than 12 hours later, Calabrese told Judge Keith Levy that he had "chatted online" with Peterson, who had told him about his boat. "I was trying to make friends with the guy."

When Levy asked Calabrese if he was aware of the details of the charge against him, the defendant pointed at the victim sitting in the audience. "That's him," he said before speaking directly toward Peterson. "That's your boat."

Court-appointed defenseattorney Tom Wagner entered not-guilty pleas on the misdemeanor charges of trespassing and tampering with property, as well as for charges of violating his conditions of pretrial release in another pending case. Levy scheduled a jury trial for January.

Calabrese said what Juneau police wrote about the incident was "not actually entirely accurate."

"I have a good explanation," Calabrese told the judge. "I was trying to introduce myself to him."

He said he first went to Peterson's boat at about 7 p.m., didn't get an answer, and went back later.

Levy warned Calabrese that he was saying things that could be used against him, but the defendant went on to explain that he had been banned from participating on an Internet chat site after using "swear words." He said he knew Peterson from the site.

Peterson said later that Calabrese, whom he only saw as a shadowy hooded figure on his boat, referred to him by the name he uses in the chat room.

"I'm glad I woke up," he said. His Alaska malamute, Miaku, was just wagging her tail at the intruder, he said.

He said he later found two cigarette butts and a puddle of urine on the deck, telling him the intruder was on the boat for at least 10 minutes before waking him up.

The incident gave Peterson a flashback to about 10 years ago, when he was the victim of an attempted robbery at a Mendenhall Valley coffee shop that he ran at the time, he said. That case ended with the two men being sent to prison.

"He never would tell me who he was," Peterson said of Calabrese. But while he was walking Calabrese off his boat, he said, "he kept turning around to talk."

Assistant City Attorney Robyn Carlisle asked Levy to set bail at $2,000 and require a third party to take responsibility for watching Calabrese if he is released. She said the defendant has 13 prior convictions, was on pretrial release on a criminal mischief charge and was on probation for three other city cases.

"This person was very frightening," she told the judge.

Levy set bail at $1,000 and required him to find a third party to watch him if he can raise the money.

Calabrese said that wasn't fair. "If I'm not guilty and I'm sitting in jail for two months, what do I get?" he asked.

After Carlisle and Wagner approached the judge, the courtroom officer led Calabrese out. Calabrese was still complaining about his bail.

• Tony Carroll can be reached at

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My lifes simple and complete. I work to support the restoration of the M/V SEAL ( taking breaks to study Linux and Robotics projects, web design, and networking.My free time is shared with my loving 10 year old Alaskan Malamute pup Miaku, drawing or generally being creative. In 2001 I started streaming a radio station online, and the following year became one of the first on the planet to stream on demand music which also transmits on 96.1FM here in Juneau, Alaska at 250watts. is the launch site still alive today. My experiences in life have taught me that I never want to be rich, because getting by until I die is pleasure enough for me. The restoration of the M/V SEAL will be the legacy I leave the world - and the reason I have donated the SEAL to the non profit I have created to ensure its longevity after I am too old and goofy to maintain her. The MV SEAL was the first vessel commissioned by and built for the Territory of Alaska in 1926, and she carried her share of the load into and beyond statehood. The M/V SEAL was the first "Territorial Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel" and was entrusted with many duties far and beyond for almost 100 years now. The restoration project of the MV SEAL that I started in 2004 was graced with being Published in WoodenBoat Magazine in 2008, and a PDF of that article is here: Russell_J_Peterson_Jr_Juneau_Alaska_WoodenBoat-Sept-2008.pdf I am a printer by trade, and still own a printshop out in the valley which is currently in storage, and very much my "Retirement Plan" for winters here. This year I get my 100 Ton Masters License to legally charter the M/V SEAL in the summers here in Juneau, Alaska. Every penny paid to the non profit trust for the MV SEAL Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel. I do networking/server/workstation installation and support for a select group of businessmen and properties in Juneau, Alaska. My broad scope of skills include electronic key card server builds, installation and support. Workstation, Server, PBX, Analog and Digital service and support. I offer mission critical support including nights weekends and holidays on call support, and remote monitoring. I am an experienced shipwright having built my first boat at the age of 9 (photos: in Juneau I have have been fortunate to watch, learn and work with the vest Best Shipwrights that have migrated thru in the almost 30 years that I have been here. This is my 3rd large vessel restoration, and is 65 feet of Labor, Love, and purpose greater than self.

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Russ Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska claims no ownership to material which is not his direct work product.
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